Magazine about watches, jewellery & business

Tempus is a luxurious glossy magazine about watches, jewellery and business. The content of the articles ranges from articles about interesting market developments and interviews with leading figures to background stories and reports about the major brands and news on key issues. Tempus Magazine offers a different view on the world of watches and jewellery: a focused and objective view that is both informative and fascinating. Tempus, produced with special attention to image, detail and workmanship, also includes a separate luxury section covering the most beautiful resorts, the finest wines and the most exclusive accessories.

Reader profile

An advertisement in Tempus reaches a specific target group with a special interest in watches and accessories. At the same time, you reach FD’s daily readers, an up market target group of entrepreneurial people. FD readers pertain to a group of high net worth individuals with a strong representation in the upper segments of SMEs, and corporate or public sectors organisations.

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Facts & Figures
  • Reach Het Financieele Dagblad Mon-Fri 136,400 (Source: NPDM 2017 III)
  • Reach Het Financieele Dagblad Mon-Sat 141,800 (Source: NPDM 2017 III)
  • Reach Het Financieele Dagblad Tuesday 148.700 (Source: NPDM 2017 III)
  • Circulation Het Financieele Dagblad print 48,127 (Source: NOM 2016 Q3 t/m 2017 Q2)
  • Circulation Het Financieele Dagblad online 76,292 (Source: NOM 2016 Q3 t/m 2017 Q2)
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