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Started at an attic room in 1998, grew steadily, became part of FD Mediagroep and merged with in 2015. Nowadays it is the market leader of business information and news for a wide range of professionals.

Transforming data into predictive insights

Today, professionals have access to a large amount of business data through a wide range of sources. But what is its value if the context is missing? collects and combines the correct data and makes it accessible in the way you wish. We transform data into comprehensive and reliable information, with news and predictive insights about companies and its managers.

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Business information available in the way you prefer

By offering profound solutions in the field of data quality, data integration and data insights, we enable our customers to do business succesfully. All the insights about (potential) customers and markets are at hand to take decisions with confidence. Easy and in the way you want: Online : Complete business data online Webservices : Specific business data integrated into your system Data on Demand : Specific data in a secure, digital file

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