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Energeia offers high-quality information services to and about the Dutch market for electricity, gas, heat and renewable energy. Our information services are used by over 7,000 energy professionals. Energeia Energienieuws appears Mon-Fri with need-to-know content for and about the energy market. Each issue includes relevant news articles about electricity, heat, gas and renewables.

Users of Energeia.nl

72% of Enegeia-readers have an academic degree and 26% have completed a third level vocational education. 81% of the readers of Energeia Energienieuws’ daily newsletter award this digital publication a rating of 8 or higher on a scale of 1 to 10 and recommend it to their colleagues. 86% of readers are men, 14% are women. They are on average 48 years old. A significant number of readers have a managerial position in middle, senior or top management. 8% are boardroom members or SME owners while 27% are managers, 59% are employees, 1% are retired and 6% are self-employed. 40% of readers have been subscribed for more than five years (11% have been subscribed for 10 or more years). This was revealed in a survey in which over 350 subscribers took part. 9 out of 10 readers are professionally involved in electricity, natural gas, heat or renewable energy issues on a daily basis. 49% of readers work at the supply side of the energy market. Other large reader groups include B2B service providers, ICT service industry, public sector, bulk consumers and management consultants.


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Facts & Figures
  • Subscribers Energeia: > 7,000
  • Daily headlines per e-mail: 8,250
  • Number of active trial subscribers per 4 weeks: > 350
  • Unique visitors per month > 26,100 (Source: Google Analytics avg. Jan-Jun 2017)
  • Average session length > 2 minutes
  • Pageviews Energeia.nl per month > 154,030 (Source: Google Analytics avg. Jan-Jun 2017)
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