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FD.nl provides continuous breaking news and explanation on the stock exchange, finance, economics, politics and business. Visitors can create their own personalized news page by using keywords. The FD-editors work web-first for all news, analysis, background articles and interviews. These are readily available online for the visitor, there is no more waiting for tomorrow's newspaper.

The visitor of FD.nl

FD.nl’s visitors are interested in comprehensive financial/economic news and in-depth background stories. They are business people at the forefront of society and the market, and those who aspire to this status. They combine social success and personal development with a lust for life.


FD.nl provides continuous and ongoing high-quality news. For more information about advertising possibilities or rates you can download the Rate Card or contact Sales Support at 020 - 592 85 85 or salessupport@fdmediagroep.nl.


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Facts & Figures
  • Unique visitors FD.nl per month: 1,419,600 (Source: Adobe Site Catalyst avg. Jan-Jun 2017)
  • Pageviews FD.nl per month: 10,397,000 (Source: Adobe Site Catalyst avg. Jan-Jun 2017)
  • Unique users FD e-paper per month: 46,600 (Source: Google Analytics avg. Jan-Jun 2017)
  • Number of FD e-paper editions downloaded per day: 8,300 (Source: Google Analytics avg. Jan-Jun 2017)
  • Circulation FD morning newsletter: 203,000 (Source: Own administration avg. Jan-May 2017)
  • Circulation FD afternoon newsletter: 33,100 (Source: Own administration avg. Jan-May 2017)
Sales support salessupport@fd.nl +31 (0)20-5928585
Order and traffic order@fd.nl +31 (0)20-5928565

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