BNR The Friday Move

BNR The Friday Move

‘The Dutch journalistic Friday afternoon drink. BNR The Friday Move is recorded and broadcast on Fridays from 4 pm to 6.30 pm from appealing venues across the Netherlands. Politics, economics, sports and culture are the editorial spearheads. Every week a prominent guest sits down for a talk with presenter Wilfred Genee. The broadcast is fast, humorous and sharp and has the character of an American talk show. Moreover, each half hour listeners are presented with a summary of the latest news, framed between two commercial breaks, a weather forecast and traffic news. “The Friday Move” is a radio broadcast, but also a networking event to which sponsors may invite their business contacts.

Benefits for the sponsor

The sponsor is linked to the broadcast by its name, logo and payoff line. This means that the sponsor will be present in all promotional messages. Additionally, the sponsor may choose to place its own content on the programme page of the radio broadcast, including commercial content (url: Such content may include the sponsor’s logo, videos, banners, polls or other items. Finally, the sponsor has the right to use or reuse for its own purposes all content of BNR The Friday Move as long as the source is credited. Editorially, the broadcast is promoted on the BNR Facebook page and on its Twitter account @BNRFridaymove.

Promotion scheme

Radio: 25 promo commercials on BNR Nieuwsradio, including reference to the sponsor’s name and a 5-second sponsor tag-on. Production of spot included. 5-second sponsor credits, involving mention of the sponsor’s name (“this programme was produced in association with ...”), 12x per broadcast.

Print: An advert, announcing the broadcast, of 146 x 222 mm in Het Financieele Dagblad. Advert includes the logo of the sponsor.

Online: programme page including content and banners from the sponsor.

Events: Exposure during the live broadcast and 4 times a year, a broadcast is produced from a location of your choice (optional).


A sponsor term of 40 weeks requires a net/net outlay of € 255,000 from the sponsor, on the basis of trade exclusivity.

About BNR Nieuwsradio

BNR Nieuwsradio is a commercial radio station with an independent editorial staff responsible for the content and set-up of our programmes. BNR Nieuwsradio is a radio station with a strong focus on business news. It couples top-notch journalism with intelligent news shows, outspoken presenters, exciting debates and light-hearted entertainment. Prior to and during the production of the show, we will cooperate with the sponsor to identify suitable themes, subjects and any possible guests. However, the BNR editors retain the final word on which topics will enter the line-up of the show.

Wilfred Genee
Wilfred Genee
Facts & Figures
  • Broadcast: Friday 4-6 p.m. Live from interesting locations all over the Netherlands. Repeats: 2x per week
  • Presenter: Wilfred Genee
  • Broadcast reach (including repeats): 84,000 listeners (Source: NLO, avg. cum. weekly reach Jan-Jun 2017)
  • Reach of BNR Nieuwsradio promo commercials: 236,000 listeners per week (Source: NLO, period Jan-Feb 2016)
  • Reach of BNR Nieuwsradio sponsor credits: 70,000 listeners (Source: NLO, period Jan-Feb 2016)
  • Reach of promotional messages in Het Financieele Dagblad: 141,800 readers per day (Source: Mon-Sat NPDM 2017 III)
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