BNR Nieuwsradio

The B-to-B radiostation

BNR is the driving force of progress. BNR always brings the latest news, but also ensures interpretation and deepening. BNR makes news for curious people who continue to watch and listen. Topjournalistiek with intelligent programs, high-profile presenters, exciting debates and playful entertainment. All to make sure the listener has the right skills to get ahead. Every day.

Editorial priorities

Politics, economics, business, society, innovation, legal, media, labor, trade, opinion, mobility, leadership, personal finance, and sports.

Listener profile

BNR listeners are ambitious, enterprising people. They are continually seeking improvement (including personal improvement), new ways of working and living, and challenging propositions to mull over. The listeners have a strong bond with BNR, since it is in keeping with their personal approaches to life.


BNR Nieuwsradio brings you in touch with ambitious, enterprising people. The advertising opportunities are endless. Depending entirely on your requirements, you can choose from four solid coverage packages and numerous sponsorship options, or you can opt for a tailor-made campaign.

Benefits for advertisers

BNR is a high-quality journalistic product with a rock-solid reputation in its business target group. Your advertisement benefits from this. No other radio station in the Netherlands offers such a highly selective reach as BNR in the “B-to-B/decision-makers in business” target group. This increases the chances that your message will actually reach its target. At BNR there is no waste, just noise-free, high-quality reception. This means you can achieve more while spending less.

Advertising & Ratecards
Facts & Figures
  • Weekly reach Mon-Sun 06:00-24:00: 491,000 listeners (Source: NLO, avg. cum. weekly reach Jan-Jun 2017)
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